Catlin & Museum/Lecture Troupe, 12 Dec. 1842 -17 Dec. 1842, Yorkshire: West Riding


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Venue Type: Exhibition Hall
Location: Sheffield
County: Yorkshire: West Riding
Type: Exhibition
Venue: Exhibition Room, Brightside
Date: 12 December 1842-17 December 1842
Date notes: seems to show daily, afternoon and evening (addition of gas lamps made evening showings possible as of the 12th)

Bibliographic Sources

  • Sheffield Iris December 10, 1842: Referenced in University of Bristol, Barker Collection.
    Info in Record:
    • Performance Type:
    • Troupe Name: Catlin’s North American Indian Museum
    • Performers Listed: Mr Catlin, “Living figures, in full Indian costume”
    • Days & Times: “on Monday evening, the 12th, and on each succeeding evening” (open during the day as well)
    • Venue Name: Exhibition Room, Brightside
    • Program Info: an “immense and curious Collection”, plus “Living figures, in full Indian costume, constantly standing in the Room”
    • Other:
      performance time,
      ticket info