Circus Royal

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Site Name: Circus Royal
Location: Bristol
County: Bristol (city-county) in Gloucestershire
Location Type: Town - in town at determined location


  • Address: North Street, Bristol.
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  • Alternate Names: Hughes’ Circus Royal, Ryan’s Circus, North Street.

  • Performance Space Description: Little information about this venue has been found. A Broadsheet from 1852 suggests that it was a fairly sizable building, containing dress & side boxes, a pit and promenade and a gallery for different groups of spectators.

  • Typical Fare: Between 1842 and 1852, the circus was home to any number of circus acts and traveling troupes. Performances included everything from acrobats, clowns and animal tamers, to bands and dramatic sketches acted out on horseback.

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    Beth Marquis

  • Events at Circus Royal

    Event Date Venue Location Troupe
    Circus 2 December 1844 - 7 December 1844 Bristol, Bristol (city-county) in Gloucestershire Van Bramer (minstrel), Phillips, Ethiopian Minstrel & Nigger Dancer
    Minstrel Show 6 September 1847 - 8 September 1847 Bristol, Bristol (city-county) in Gloucestershire Male and Female American Serenaders
    Exhibition 20 May 1850 - 25 May 1850 Bristol, Bristol (city-county) in Gloucestershire Bosjesmans
    Circus 5 April 1852 - 10 April 1852 Bristol, Bristol (city-county) in Gloucestershire Kaffir War Troupe (Bristol, 52)
    Circus 15 April 1852 - 17 April 1852 Bristol, Bristol (city-county) in Gloucestershire Barlow, W.R., Jackson, Kaffir War Troupe (Bristol, 52)
    Circus 13 December 1852 - 18 December 1852 Bristol, Bristol (city-county) in Gloucestershire Equestrian Uncle Tom's Cabin Troupe (Bristol, 52)

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