Crow, Albert and Jim, 31 Oct. 1842 -5 Nov. 1842, Yorkshire: West Riding


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Venue Type: Circus
Location: Leeds
County: Yorkshire: West Riding
Type: Circus
Venue: Cooke's Royal Circus
Date: 31 October 1842-5 November 1842
Date notes: Every Evening; may have been part (the first week) of a longer run

Event Program

Title Performed Person / Troupe Notes Type
Leap Frog Albert Crow/ Jim Crow/ Crow, Albert and Jim
Comic Supper Scene Albert Crow/ Jim Crow/ Crow, Albert and JimHenry Cooke/ Comic Scene

Bibliographic Sources

  • Theatre Cuttings, British Library Th.Cut. 50 [46]. (October 31, 1842).
    Info in Record:
    • Performance Type:
    • Performers Listed: “the Two Low Comedians Albert and Jim Crow”
    • Days & Times: “Every evening during the week”
    • Venue Name: “Cooke’s Royal Circus King Charles’s Croft. Guildford Street, Leeds.”
    • Program Info: “Will perform a number of tricks--play at Leap Frog--and conclude with a COMIC SUPPER SCENE with the Clown, instructed by Mr. Henry Cooke.
    • Other:
      ticket info