Enchanted Beauties Troupe, 11 Jan. 1847 -16 Jan. 1847, London


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Troupe: Cowell, Sam (

seems to have sung minstrel songs at Evans' (London, 1848); needs verification

Venue Type: Theatre
Location: London
County: London (city-county)
Type: Dramatic
Venue: Princess' Theatre
Date: 11 January 1847-16 January 1847
Date notes: dates approximate; number of performances unknown

Event Program

Title Performed Person / Troupe Notes Type
Lucy Neal

included as part of 'The Enchanted Beauties...' (performer unknown)

Enchanted Beauties of the Golden Castle, or Harlequin & the One-eyed Ogre Sam Cowell/ Cowell, SamEnchanted Beauties Troupe


  • Prince Herain - Sam Cowell(?)
  • Play, Pantomime

    Bibliographic Sources

    • Theatrical Journal (London) January 16, 1847: 17:1-18:1.
      Info in Record:
      • Performance Type:
      • Performers Listed: Beverley, Sara [Sam?] Cowell, Miss Burbidge (Columbine), Bologna (Harlequin), Flexmore, (clown)
      • Venue Name: Princess’s Theatre
      • Other Acts on Bill: “a drama by Bernard ‘Blanche de Valmy,’ Rodwell’s ‘Maids of Munich,’, professor Hemming’s a la Risley performances
      • Program Info: “the crowning dish, the Pantomime … ‘The Enchanted Beauties of the Golden Castle, or, Harlequin and the One-eyed Ogre’”, which includes all of the following: the song “Lucy Neal” sung “in a ruined Egyptian temple”, Sara [Sam?] Cowell as Prince Herain [singing] an amusing Yankee ditty with a true trans-Atlantic nasal twang”, and a trick in which a “box labelled ‘French gloves’ has its label altered to ‘black kids’, from whence spring Ethiopian babies with faces as ‘black’ as night.”
      • Other: