Ethiopian Serenaders (1846-48), 10 Sep. 1846 -11 Sep. 1846, Warwickshire


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Minstrel Show

Event Details

Note: in Birmingham
Venue Type: Unknown
Location: Birmingham
County: Warwickshire
Type: Minstrel Show
Date: 10 September 1846-11 September 1846
Date notes: Thursday & Friday; dates approximate

Bibliographic Sources

  • University of Bristol, Kathleen Barker Collection KB/4: Playbill, September 8, 1846
    Info in Record:
    • Performance Type:
      Minstrel Show
    • Troupe Name: “the celebrated and original Ethiopian Serenaders”
    • Performers Listed: “Messrs. Pell, Harrington, White, Stanwood, and Germon – under the direction of Mr. J. A. Dumbolton”
    • Days & Times: “on Thursday and Friday” (coming)
    • Venue Name: Birmingham