"Ethiopian Serenaders" (impostors), 1 Oct. 1849 -1 Oct. 1849, Yorkshire: West Riding


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Minstrel Show

Event Details

Note: may have been at the Royal Casino instead
Venue Type: Tavern
Location: Sheffield
County: Yorkshire: West Riding
Type: Minstrel Show
Venue: Music Hall, Sheffield
Date: -1 October 1849
Date notes:

Bibliographic Sources

  • Sheffield Times October 6, 1849: 8: 11.
    Info in Record:
    • Performance Type:
      Minstrel Show
    • Troupe Name: “The Ethiopian ‘Serenaders’” (imposters)
    • Performers Listed: “Messrs. Stanwood and Germon, in combination with ‘Boz’s Juba’” (again, imposters)
    • Days & Times: “on Monday evening last”
    • Venue Name: “the Music Hall” (Sheffield)
    • Other:
      description/review (claims that the performers “were compelled by the discordant voices of an indignant audience […] to make a rapid retreat”, and that they ultimately “were obliged to place themselves under the protection of the police”.)
  • Sheffield Times September 29, 1849: 4: 2.
    Performance Type Indicated:
    • Minstrel Show
    Troupe Name as Given:
    • "Ethiopian Serenaders"
    Troupe Size Given:
    • not listed
    Performers Listed:
    • "Boz’s Juba"
    • "Messrs. Stanwood and Germon”
    Days & Times Given:
    • "Monday evening, October 1st, 1849”
    Other Acts on Bill Listed:
    • none
    Other Info in Record:
    • performance time
    • programme (general)
    • ticket info
    • other (“under the Patronage of Her Majesty the Queen”)
    • other (mention of song Copyrighting)