Macready, 10 Nov. 1845 -10 Nov. 1845, London


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Troupe: Macready (

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Venue Type: Theatre
Location: London
County: London (city-county)
Type: Dramatic
Venue: Princess' Theatre
Date: 10 November 1845-10 November 1845
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Othello Macready/ Macready


  • Othello - Macready
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    • Era (London) November 16, 1845: 5:4.
      Info in Record:
      • Performance Type:
      • Performers Listed: “Mr. Macready”
      • Days & Times: “Monday evening”
      • Venue Name: “Princess’s”
      • Other:
        other (A negative review of Macready’s performance in Othello that specifically focuses upon his ability to “black-up”; “he eschews the red, or the copper, and fears the absolute ebony. Mr. Macready paints livid; it is that of an East India nabob, beset with the liver complaint and charged with mercury. So charily, too, was the staining done, that the tip of one ear was white, whilst the whole face lightened as the evening progressed…”)