Negro Entertainment Troupe (Sheffield, 44), 11 Nov. 1844 -11 Nov. 1844, Yorkshire: West Riding


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Event Type

Venue Type: Theatre
Location: Sheffield
County: Yorkshire: West Riding
Type: Dramatic
Venue: Theatre Royal, Sheffield
Date: 11 November 1844-11 November 1844
Date notes: Monday evening

Event Program

Title Performed Person / Troupe Notes Type
Lucy Long Negro Entertainment Troupe (Sheffield, 44) Song, Melody
Old Dan Tucker Ware/ Negro Entertainment Troupe (Sheffield, 44) Song
Overture Andrews/ (of the Ethiopian Delineators) Robinson/ Ware/ Corri/ Negro Entertainment Troupe (Sheffield, 44)

Instrumental Parts:

  • Cohea Tambourine - Mr. Robinson
  • Tucatoe Violin - Mr. Ware
  • Congo Banjo - Mr. Corri
  • Bone Castinette - Mr. Andrews
  • Overture, Tamborine, Violin, Banjo, Castanet
    Boatman's Dance, The Ware/ Negro Entertainment Troupe (Sheffield, 44) Barcarole, Chorus

    Bibliographic Sources

    • British Library, BL Mic. C. 13137 Playbills 396: Nov. 11, 1844 (Sheffield TR)
      Info in Record:
      • Performance Type:
      • Performers Listed: “Messrs. Ware, Corri, Robinson, and Andrews”
      • Days & Times: “Monday Evening, Nov. 11, 1844”
      • Venue Name: “Theatre, Sheffield”
      • Other Acts on Bill: “Sir E.L. Bulwer’s Play of Richelieu, Or The Conspiracy” (1st on Bill), “The Original Grand Pas de Polka, By Miss Wright and Miss Bland” (2nd), “the domestic Drama […] the Momentous Question” (4th).
      • Program Info: “A Negro Entertainment […] consisting of Conumdrums [sic], Jokes, and a pretty considerable sprinkling of Transatlantic Sayings. Overture by the Band. Mr. Robinson on the Cohea Tambourine. Mr. Ware on a Tucatoe Violin. Mr. Corri on the Congo Banjo. And Mr. Andrews on the Bone Castinette. Song. – ‘Ole Dan Tucker,’ By Mr. Ware and Chorus. Melody. – ‘Lucy Long,’ – Chorus. Nigger Barcarole and Chorus. – ‘De Boatman Dance, or the Ohio Boys Ashore,’ Mr. Ware and Chorus.” (3rd)
      • Other:
        performance time,
        ticket info,
        other (venue regulations, recent history, etc.)