Norwich Theatre

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Venue Type & Location


Site Name: Unknown site
Location: Norwich
County: Norwich (city-county) in Norfolk
Location Type: Town - multiple sites at uncertain locations


  • Performance Space Description: As yet, little information about this venue has been found.

  • For a listing of blackface/minstrelsy-related events that took place in this performance space (with attached bibliographic references), follow the links at right

    Beth Marquis

  • Troupes at Norwich Theatre

    Troupe Troupe Type # of events
    Unknown Minstrel Troupe (Norwich, 47) Minstrel 1

    Events at Norwich Theatre

    Event Date Venue Location Troupe
    Dramatic 26 December 1846 - 26 December 1846 Norwich, Norwich (city-county) in Norfolk Unknown Minstrel Troupe (Norwich, 47)