Royal British Institution

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Exhibition Hall

Site Name: Royal British Institution
Location: London
County: London (city-county)
Location Type: Town - in town at determined location


  • Address: Cowper Street, City Road, London. For a current map,
    Click Here. For an historical map showing the venue (in addition to the one excerpted at right), Click Here.

  • Performance Space Description: A description of the Royal British Institution in The Sunday School Magazine (1849) suggested that the venue “possesse[d] an area of about 80 feet by 54 and [was] fitted up with the usual school apparatus” (56). The journal also printed an image of the performance space, which shows a raised dais fronted by a banister and several rows of bench-like seating (see image at right).

  • Typical Fare: According to the aforementioned article, the Institution was largely used for educational purposes during the early to mid-19th Century. Amongst other things, for instance, it was home to the Tabernacle Sunday School.

  • Performance History

  • The building which would become The Royal British Institution was initially part of a brewery. It was converted into an educational facility in 1813.

  • Little other information about the venue’s history has yet been found.

    Please see the 'Bibliographic Sources' link at right for a complete listing of materials (both primary and secondary) from which the above information was compiled.

    Beth Marquis

  • Troupes at Royal British Institution

    Troupe Troupe Type # of events
    Ethiopian Serenaders (1846-48) Minstrel 1

    Events at Royal British Institution

    Event Date Venue Location Troupe
    Minstrel Show 1 June 1846 - 1 June 1846 London, London (city-county) Ethiopian Serenaders (1846-48)

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