Royal Cremorne Gardens, New Barracks

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Venue Type & Location

Pleasure Gardens

Site Name: Royal Cremorne Gardens, New Barracks
Location: Bristol
County: Bristol (city-county) in Gloucestershire
Location Type: Town - in town at determined location


  • Address: Near Horfield Barracks, Bristol.
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  • Performance Space Description: Little information about this venue has been found. It seems to have been a temporary Pleasure Gardens (modeled on Metropolitan spaces such as Cremorne Gardens and Vauxhall Gardens) that was operational during the summer of 1847. One contemporary description (in the Bristol Mercury) suggests that, on some occasions, the Gardens were “brilliantly illuminated with upwards of 5000 Variegated Lamps”.

  • Typical Fare: During the 1847 season, the Gardens hosted Fetes & Galas, which involved a range of attractions including concerts and balloon ascents.

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    Beth Marquis

  • Troupes at Royal Cremorne Gardens, New Barracks

    Events at Royal Cremorne Gardens, New Barracks

    Event Date Venue Location Troupe
    Variety 19 July 1847 - 19 July 1847 Bristol, Bristol (city-county) in Gloucestershire Philadelphia and Mississippi Ethiopian Serenaders

    Bibliographic Sources

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