Sable Harmonists, 1 Dec. 1851 -6 Dec. 1851, Warwickshire


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Event Type

Minstrel Show

Event Details

Troupe: Sable Harmonists (

Consisting of "seven negroes"

Director: L.C. BENSON

Venue Type: Exhibition Hall
Location: Birmingham
County: Warwickshire
Type: Minstrel Show
Venue: Corn Exchange, Birmingham
Date: 1 December 1851-6 December 1851
Date notes: "one week, commencing Monday"

Event Program

Title Performed Person / Troupe Notes Type
Lucy Long Sable Harmonists

listed as being performed "in Bloomer Costume"

Burlesque Bloomer Polka Sable Harmonists Dance, Burlesque
Burlesque Scene from the Opera of Lucy-Did-Lam-Her-More Sable Harmonists Burlesque, Comic Scene

Bibliographic Sources

  • Birmingham Journal November 29, 1851: 5:4.
    Info in Record:
    • Performance Type:
      Minstrel Show
    • Troupe Name: “the Southern Opera Buffa Troupe of Sable Harmonists” aka “the Real Negroes from America”
    • Days & Times: “for one week, commencing Monday, December 1st”
    • Venue Name: “Corn Exchange, Birmingham”
    • Program Info: “new and original Negro Songs, burlesque Scene from the Opera of Lucy-Did-Lam-Her-More, Burlesque Bloomer Polka, Lucy Long, (Dance in Bloomer Costume), etc, etc.”
    • Other:
      performance time,
      ticket info
  • Birmingham Journal December 6, 1851: 8:4.
    Info in Record:
    • Performance Type:
      Minstrel Show
    • Troupe Name: “The Sable Harmonists”
    • Days & Times: “have been delighting large audiences during their stay here”
    • Venue Name: “the Corn Exchange” (Birmingham)
    • Program Info: “original and well executed pieces”
    • Other:
      description/review (brief),