Slave Troupe (London-Marylebone, 51), 6 Jan. 1851 -8 Jan. 1851, London


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Troupe: Slave Troupe (London-Marylebone, 51) (


  • Zelinda - Miss Rebecca Isaacs
  • )
    Troupe: Johnstone, J.
    Venue Type: Theatre
    Location: London
    County: London (city-county)
    Type: Dramatic
    Venue: Theatre Royal, Marylebone
    Date: 6 January 1851-8 January 1851
    Date notes: M-W Evenings

    Event Program

    Title Performed Person / Troupe Notes Type
    Slave, The Rebecca Isaacs/ J. Johnstone/ Johnstone, J.Slave Troupe (London-Marylebone, 51)


  • Zelinda - Miss Rebecca Isaacs
  • Miss Von Frump - Mrs. Manders
  • Stella Clifton - Miss Herbert
  • Sam Sharpset - Mr. Manders
  • Matthew Sharpset - Mr. John Howard
  • Gambia - Mr. J. Johnstone
  • ? - Sir H. Bishop, Mr. Manley, Mr. Herbert, Mr. Stammers
  • Play, Operatic Drama

    Bibliographic Sources

    • Era (London) January 5, 1851: 1:1.
      Info in Record:
      • Performance Type:
      • Performers Listed: “Zelinda, Miss Rebecca Isaacs; Miss Von Frump, Mrs. Manders; Stella Clifton, Miss Herbert; Sam Sharpset, Mr. Manders; Matthew Sharpset, Mr. J. Howard; and Gambia, the Slave, Mr. J. Johnstone”;
      • Days & Times: “On Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday”
      • Venue Name: “Theatre royal, Marylebone”
      • Other Acts on Bill: “the highly successful Christmas Pantomime, entitled HARLEQUIN ALFRED THE GREAT; or, The Magic Banjo and the Mystic Raven” (“Columbine, Mdlle. Louise Blanche; Clown, Mr. Tom Matthews”)
      • Program Info: “the Operatic Drama entitled THE SLAVE”;
      • Other:
        ticket info
    • Era (London) January 12, 1851: 11:1.
      Info in Record:
      • Performance Type:
      • Performers Listed: “Miss. Rebecca Isaacs”; “Sir H. Bishop”; “Mr. Manley”; Messrs. Herbert and Manders”; Mr. John Howard”; Mr. Johnstone”; Mr. Stammers”
      • Days & Times: “On Monday evening”; “during the week”
      • Venue Name: “Marylebone”
      • Other Acts on Bill: “the Pantomime”
      • Program Info: “The Slave”; “ ‘Tell me, my heart,’ ‘The Mocking Bird,’ and ‘Sons of Freedom,’ were delightful specimens of vocalization”
      • Other: