Sullivan, J., 8 Dec. 1851 -8 Dec. 1851, Antrim


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Troupe: Sullivan, J.
Venue Type: Tavern
Location: Belfast
County: Antrim
Type: Variety
Venue: Shakspere Saloon
Date: 8 December 1851-8 December 1851
Date notes: Monday; may have been additional performances during the week as well

Sullivan also scheduled to perform at the Hibernian Saloon, Belfast at this time, but failed to honour this 2nd engagement.

Bibliographic Sources

  • Era (London) December 21, 1851: 12:2.
    Info in Record:
    • Performers Listed: “Sullivan” or “the Black Musician”
    • Days & Times: “December 8th, 1851”
    • Other:
      (Complaint regarding Sullivan’s failure to show up at the Hibernian Saloon, Smithfield, Belfast as scheduled for December 8th. Sullivan performing at the Shakspere, Belfast instead.)