Sweeney, J.W., 30 May. 1842 -4 Jun. 1842, Yorkshire: West Riding


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Troupe: Sweeney, J.W.
Troupe: Buckley
Venue Type: Circus
Location: Sheffield
County: Yorkshire: West Riding
Type: Circus
Venue: Circus, Sheffield
Date: 30 May 1842-4 June 1842
Date notes: number of performances uncertain; matinee on Thursday

Bibliographic Sources

  • Sheffield Iris May 31, 1842: Referenced in University of Bristol, Barker Collection.
    Info in Record:
    • Performance Type:
    • Troupe Name: American Equestrians
    • Performers Listed: Mr Sweeney
    • Days & Times: “a week longer”, matinee Thursday at 2.
    • Venue Name: the Circus
    • Other Acts on Bill: Tartaric Cavalcade, Horsemanship, “the gymnastic exercises of the Brother Rives”.
    • Program Info: ”Nigger songs, accompanied on the Banjo, between the acts of horsemanship”
    • Other:
      performance time