Theatre Royal, Perth

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Site Name: Theatre Royal, Perth
Location: Perth
County: Perth
Location Type: Town - in town at determined location


  • Address: Atholl Street, Perth, Scotland (at the corner of Atholl and Kinoull Streets). For a current map,
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  • Performance Space Description: Little information about this performance space has yet been found. The building’s façade, which still stands, is described on the Theatres Trust site as “a restrained three storey ashlar face” featuring “three bays to Atholl Street with arches to the ground floor and windows above”.

  • Performance History

  • The Theatres Trust site suggests that the Theatre Royal was constructed in 1820 and remained in theatrical use until 1845. After being used for a variety of purposes, the site is now home to a restaurant. However, the theatre's original façade still stands.

    Please see the 'Bibliographic Sources' link at right for a complete listing of materials (both primary and secondary) from which the above information was compiled.

    Beth Marquis

  • Troupes at Theatre Royal, Perth

    Events at Theatre Royal, Perth

    Event Date Venue Location Troupe
    Dramatic 23 October 1848 - 28 October 1848 Perth, Perth Aldridge, Ira
    Minstrel Show 25 January 1849 - 25 January 1849 Perth, Perth Harper, E.R.
    Dramatic 11 September 1849 - 14 September 1849 Perth, Perth Ethiopian Serenaders (1849-50)
    Dramatic 19 September 1849 - 21 September 1849 Perth, Perth Ethiopian Serenaders (1849-50)
    Dramatic 24 September 1849 - 28 September 1849 Perth, Perth Ethiopian Serenaders (1849-50)
    Dramatic 9 June 1851 - 9 June 1851 Perth, Perth Young

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