White Lion

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Site Name: White Lion
Location: London
County: London (city-county)
Location Type: Town - in town at determined location


Later (see Arthur Lloyd)

  • Address: 125 Edgeware Road, Paddington. For a current map, _blank">Click Here.

  • Alternate Names: Metropolitan Music Hall, Metropolitan Theatre.

  • Performance Space Description: Information about this venue has not yet been compiled; however, some sense of the performance space may be gleaned by following the links at right. In particular:

  • See the 'Bibliographic Sources' link for a provisional list of venue-relevant resources (both primary and secondary). Wherever possible (i.e. when the pertinent text is relatively short and/or easily condensed) this material has been transcribed, and appears beneath the appropriate bibliographic citation.

  • See the 'Events at venue' link for a listing of blackface/minstrelsy-related events that took place in this performance space (with attached bibliographic references).

    Beth Marquis

  • Troupes at White Lion

    Troupe Troupe Type # of events
    Brothers Redman, The Circus 1

    Events at White Lion

    Event Date Venue Location Troupe
    Variety 6 September 1847 - 11 September 1847 London, London (city-county) Brothers Redman, The

    Bibliographic Sources

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      Under "The Metropolitan Theatre, 207 Edgware Road, Paddington.

      Originally on this site was an inn called the White Lion Public House which dated from 1524. In 1836 the White Lion was rebuilt as a concert room. But then in 1862 it was rebuilt again at a cost of £25,000 with a capacity of 2,000 and opened on the 8th of December that year.

      On Easter Monday 1864 the Theatre reopened as the Metropolitan Music Hall.

      In 1897 the Theatre was once again rebuilt, this time by Frank Matcham, with a slightly smaller capacity of 1,855.

      This Theatre was to survive until 1963 when on Good Friday, April 12th, the curtain came down for the last time and the Theatre was demolished. [...]"
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