Corrie, Mr. J.(--)

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Biographical Overview

Birth Date: exactly
Death Date: exactly


- title character in Othello Travestie (London-Strand, 42);
- title character in Othello Travestie (Liverpool, 45);
- title character in Othello Travestie (Liverpool, 45);

Troupe Affiliation

Troupe Name Event # of events
Corrie, J. Dramatic 2

Events Naming Person

Event Date Location Troupe
Dramatic 1842-1842 Strand Theatre, London London (city-county) Corrie, J.
Dramatic 1845-1845 Royal Liver Theatre, Liverpool Lancashire Corrie, J.

Songs & Acts

Number of songs and acts found: 13
Title Type Number of Events Found
1 Dearest Othello Song 2 event(s)
2 Tell him what de row Song 2 event(s)
3 Will You Go to the Senate? Song 2 event(s)
4 Potent, Grave and Reverend Sirs Song 2 event(s)
5 Othello Travestie Play 1 event(s)
6 Oh much him wonder Song 2 event(s)
7 Oh! Beware! This love Song 2 event(s)
8 Tho him fader now in sorrow Song 2 event(s)
9 Good people all Song 1 event(s)
10 Gypsey woman whose name was Powell, A Song 2 event(s)
11 De cause, de cause Song 2 event(s)
12 S'pose dis ting you hab not tell Song 2 event(s)
13 Othello! According to Act of Parliament Play 1 event(s)