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Biographical Overview

Birth Date: exactly
Death Date: exactly


- Pariboo in Aldridge Robinson Crusoe (Bristol, 50)
- possibly also the 'Andrews' involved in Blackface minstrel performances in Sheffield (44)

- Ben Block in Aldridge Robinson Crusoe (Liverpool, 1846);
- Dennis in Green Bushes (Liverpool, 1846);
- Roderigo in Pitt Othello (Liverpool, 45);
- Diego in Aldridge Revenge (Bristol, 46)?
- Sam in Aldridge Obi (Bristol, 46);
- Diego in Aldridge Revenge (Bristol, 47);
- Julio in Macready/Coleman Othello (Bristol, 50);
- S. Sharpset in Aldridge Slave (Bristol, 50);
- Julio in Aldridge Othello (Bristol, 50);

Troupe Affiliation

Events Naming Person

Event Date Location Troupe
Dramatic 1844-1844 Theatre Royal, Sheffield, Sheffield Yorkshire: West Riding Negro Entertainment Troupe (Sheffield, 44)
Dramatic 1850-1850 Theatre Royal, Bristol, Bristol Bristol (city-county) in Gloucestershire Robinson Crusoe Troupe (Bristol, 50)
Dramatic 1846-1846 Theatre Royal, Bristol, Bristol Bristol (city-county) in Gloucestershire Three Fingered Jack Troupe (Bristol, 46)

Songs & Acts

Number of songs and acts found: 3
Title Type Number of Events Found
1 Overture Song 1 event(s)
2 Three Fingered Jack Play 1 event(s)
3 Robinson Crusoe Play 1 event(s)