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Title Type Number of Events Found
Cachucha, The Song 0 event(s)
Californian Galop Song 0 event(s)
Carib Chief Play 3 event(s)
Carnaval de Cuba Instrumental 1 event(s)
Carolina Crew, The Song 1 event(s)
Carry Me Back to Old Virginia Song 11 event(s)
Carter’s Grand Colossal Moving Panorama of the Great Mississippi, Missouri, and Yellow Stone Rivers Play 8 event(s)
Castle Spectre, The Play 7 event(s)
Catlin's American Indian Collection Exhibition Piece 2 event(s)
Celebrated Nigger Melody Song 3 event(s)
Ceremony of Forming the Encampment Sketch 2 event(s)
Charles XII Play 0 event(s)
Charleston Gals Song 0 event(s)
Charming Susiana Song 0 event(s)
Cherokee Chief, The; Or the Dogs of the Wreck! Sketch 1 event(s)
Chevalier St. George, Le Play 1 event(s)
Chief's Speech Monologue 2 event(s)
Chloe's to be my wife Song 0 event(s)
Clare de Kitchen Song 2 event(s)
Coal Black Rose Song 0 event(s)
Cocoa Nut Dance Song 2 event(s)
Color'd Fancy Ball, De Song 28 event(s)
Coloured Fancy Sketch Sketch 1 event(s)
Come Alon' My Yellow Girls Song 2 event(s)
Come Along My Darling Song 3 event(s)
Come Back Stephen Song 2 event(s)
Come Darkies Sing Song 20 event(s)
Come with a Darkey Band Song 1 event(s)
Come, come, ye darkies sing Song 3 event(s)
Come, Niggers, arouse Song 0 event(s)
Comic Medley! Or, A Bit of Planxty Song 1 event(s)
Comic Song Song 2 event(s)
Comic Supper Scene Sketch 1 event(s)
Conquest of Cupid! Or, Lucre Against Love Play 1 event(s)
Corn Husking Dance (Original) Dance 3 event(s)
Corsair, The Dance 11 event(s)
Creole Play 16 event(s)
Crossing the Atlantic Song 1 event(s)
Crown Diamonds Song 3 event(s)
Crown Jewels Song 1 event(s)
Crusoe the Second Play 1 event(s)
Cudjo's 'Coon Hunt Song 0 event(s)
Cumming's African Exhibition Exhibition Piece 2 event(s)
Cusha's Wild Hunt Song 2 event(s)
Cynthia Sue Song 3 event(s)