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Title Type Number of Events Found
Macbeth Play 4 event(s)
March from Otello Song 1 event(s)
Marratan the Slave Sketch 1 event(s)
Marriage Festival Dance Dance 9 event(s)
Mary Blane (play) Play 3 event(s)
Mary Blane Song 31 event(s)
Mary Blane Quadrilles Song 0 event(s)
Master is a Stingy Man Song 1 event(s)
Master of the Ceremonies Song 1 event(s)
Merchant of Venice, The Play 7 event(s)
Merrily the Banjo Sounding Song 3 event(s)
Merry is the Minstrel's Life Song 5 event(s)
Minstrel Boy, The Song 1 event(s)
Minstrel's Life am Always Gay, De Song 1 event(s)
Miss Lucy Long and Brother John Sketch 1 event(s)
Miss Rosa Ginger Song 5 event(s)
Miss Sally Snow Song 0 event(s)
Mississippi Song of the Negro Wood-Pilers Song 2 event(s)
Mistaken Story, A Play 4 event(s)
Mocking Bird, The Song 1 event(s)
Monkey of the Plantation, The Play 1 event(s)
Monkey's Wedding, De Song 0 event(s)
Moon is Up, De Song 2 event(s)
Moorish Maidens Song 1 event(s)
More Ethiopians Play 3 event(s)
Mr. Brown Song 1 event(s)
Mr. Daniel Tucker Song 6 event(s)
Mrs. Tucker, or old Dan's Wife Song 1 event(s)
Mummy, The Song 2 event(s)
Mungo Park; or the Lion Tamer of the Niger Sketch 9 event(s)
My Canoe is on de Ohio Song 3 event(s)
My Dear Lucinda Song 1 event(s)
My Lovely Rose Song 2 event(s)
My Old Aunt Sally Song 17 event(s)
My Old Cottage Home Song 0 event(s)
My Ole Massa Song 2 event(s)
My Poll and My Partner Joe Play 3 event(s)
My Pretty Yaller Gal Song 0 event(s)
My Skiff is by de Shore Song 11 event(s)
My Skiff is on The Shore, Waltz Song 0 event(s)