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Title Type Number of Events Found
S'pose dis ting you hab not tell Song 3 event(s)
Sailing on de Ohio Song 2 event(s)
Sam Slick the Yankee Pedlar Song 2 event(s)
Sambo Hit em Hard Song 1 event(s)
Sambo's Description of the Bohemian Girl Sketch 1 event(s)
Sambo's Ghost Song 5 event(s)
Savage of the Rocks, The Play 0 event(s)
Selections from Lenora Song 0 event(s)
Selections from Leonora Song 1 event(s)
Sham Fight Sketch 1 event(s)
Shells of the Ocean Song 2 event(s)
Sich a Getting Up Stairs Song 10 event(s)
Sicilian Mariner, The Play 5 event(s)
Sittin' on a Rail Song 1 event(s)
Skeeters Do Bite, De Song 0 event(s)
Slave Market - In Savannah, The Song 1 event(s)
Slave Market, The Dance 3 event(s)
Slave sharpening his knife whilst overhearing the Conspirators, The Sketch 2 event(s)
Slave Ship, The Song 11 event(s)
Slave's Appeal, The Song 4 event(s)
Slave's Lament Song 6 event(s)
Slave's Revenge, A Play 6 event(s)
Slave, The (Ballad) Song 0 event(s)
Slave, The Play 65 event(s)
Slow Movement Song 3 event(s)
Solo Song 9 event(s)
Solo and Chorus Song 0 event(s)
Somebody in de House with Dinah Song 2 event(s)
Song and Dance of the Harvest Home Song 1 event(s)
Song of the Regiment Song 1 event(s)
Song of the Shirt Song 11 event(s)
Sons of Freedom Song 1 event(s)
South Carolina Plantation Song, The Song 0 event(s)
Spanish Fandango Dance 1 event(s)
Spirit of the Ocean; or, the Tar of Trinidad Play 2 event(s)
Spot that we were born on Song 8 event(s)
Squash Hollow Song 1 event(s)
Stage Struck Nigger Song 2 event(s)
Still so gently o'er me stealing Duet 1 event(s)
Stop dat Knockin! Song 23 event(s)
Stupid Clara Song 0 event(s)
Suesannah Bell Song 2 event(s)
Sugar Cane Galop Song 1 event(s)
Sugar-cane Green, The Song 4 event(s)
Suke of Tenessee Song 0 event(s)
Sumbody in de House Song 2 event(s)
Summer Night Song 2 event(s)