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Title Type Number of Events Found
Slave's Appeal, The Song 4 event(s)
Slave's Lament Song 6 event(s)
Slave's Revenge, A Play 6 event(s)
Slave, The (Ballad) Song 0 event(s)
Slave, The Play 65 event(s)
Slow Movement Song 3 event(s)
Solo Song 9 event(s)
Solo and Chorus Song 0 event(s)
Somebody in de House with Dinah Song 2 event(s)
Song and Dance of the Harvest Home Song 1 event(s)
Song of the Regiment Song 1 event(s)
Song of the Shirt Song 11 event(s)
Sons of Freedom Song 1 event(s)
South Carolina Plantation Song, The Song 0 event(s)
Spanish Fandango Dance 1 event(s)
Spirit of the Ocean; or, the Tar of Trinidad Play 2 event(s)
Spot that we were born on Song 8 event(s)
Squash Hollow Song 1 event(s)
Stage Struck Nigger Song 2 event(s)
Still so gently o'er me stealing Duet 1 event(s)
Stop dat Knockin! Song 23 event(s)
Stupid Clara Song 0 event(s)
Suesannah Bell Song 2 event(s)
Sugar Cane Galop Song 1 event(s)
Sugar-cane Green, The Song 4 event(s)
Suke of Tenessee Song 0 event(s)
Sumbody in de House Song 2 event(s)
Summer Night Song 2 event(s)
Tableau Vivant: Indian Wedding Sketch 1 event(s)
Tableau Vivant: Song & Carouse Sketch 1 event(s)
Tableau Vivant: Advancing Upon an Enemy Sketch 1 event(s)
Tableau Vivant: Dancing the War Dance Sketch 1 event(s)
Tableau Vivant: Enlisting Sketch 1 event(s)
Tableau Vivant: Scalping Sketch 1 event(s)
Tableau Vivant: Skulking Sketch 1 event(s)
Take Your Time, Miss Lucy Long Song 0 event(s)
Tarnation Strange Song 1 event(s)
Tatur Lecture, De Monologue 6 event(s)
Tell him what de row Song 3 event(s)
Tell Me, My Heart Song 0 event(s)
The Origin, Capability of Improvement, and probable Destiny of the various Races of Man Lecture 1 event(s)
This House to be Sold, The Property of the Late William Shakspere, Enquire Within Sketch 4 event(s)
Tho him fader now in sorrow Song 3 event(s)
Three Fingered Jack Play 33 event(s)
Tiger Hunter of the Prairies Sketch 1 event(s)
Tippity Witchet Song 4 event(s)
Titus Andronicus Play 3 event(s)
Tom and Jerry, or Life in London Play 3 event(s)
Total Society, The Song 0 event(s)
Tracking/Hunting Demonstration Sketch 1 event(s)
Trot, Trot, to Dinah, Trot Song 0 event(s)
True Blue! Or, The Murderer’s Leap! Play 0 event(s)
Uncle Gabriel Song 9 event(s)
Uncle Ned Song 0 event(s)
Uncle Tom's Cabin (Chute, Part 1) Play 11 event(s)
Uncle Tom's Cabin (Chute, Part 2) Play 10 event(s)
Uncle Tom's Cabin (Fitzball) Play 1 event(s)
Uncle Tom's Cabin (Johnstone) Play 2 event(s)
Uncle Tom's Cabin (Lemon & Taylor) Play 2 event(s)
Uncle Tom's Cabin (version unknown) Play 26 event(s)
Uncle Tom's Cabin Equestrian Spectacle Play 1 event(s)
Uncle Tom's Cabin Musical Entertainment (Carpenter) Song 3 event(s)
Uncle Tom's Cabin Musical Entertainment Song 3 event(s)
Uncle Tom's Crib Sketch 1 event(s)
Up Squash Song 2 event(s)
Up to the Forest Song 0 event(s)
Valsha, the Slave Queen Play 3 event(s)
Variations from 'Fra Diavolo' Song 4 event(s)
Vaudeville of Bosjesmens Sketch 2 event(s)
Vilain Violin Solo Solo 1 event(s)
Virginia Girl, The Play 0 event(s)
Virginian Mummy, The Play 38 event(s)
Virginian Troubadour, The Sketch 1 event(s)
Virginny Brake Down, The Song 3 event(s)
Virginny State, The Song 1 event(s)
Walk along John Song 3 event(s)
Walk In, Walk In - Let a Body In Song 1 event(s)
Walk, Jawbone Song 3 event(s)
Wandering Minstrel, The Play 0 event(s)
War Dance Dance 3 event(s)
War Song Song 2 event(s)
War Whoop Song 2 event(s)
Warrior of the Far West, The Sketch 2 event(s)
Way down South Song 3 event(s)
Way down south in Alabama Song 0 event(s)
We Are de Boys from Ole Virginny Song 2 event(s)
We have come from de Mountain Song 0 event(s)
We'll Be Happy To-night Song 1 event(s)
We'll Hab a Little Dance To Night Song 0 event(s)
Whar Did You Cum From, Knock A Nigger Down Song 0 event(s)
What a Terrible Life I am Led Song 3 event(s)
When I to Act Began, I Guess Song 1 event(s)
When Other Lips Song 1 event(s)
White Folks, I am going to Sing Song 1 event(s)
White Maiden of California, The; or the Horse of the Ocean Play 8 event(s)
White Slave, The Play 1 event(s)
Whitey Brown Courtship Song 1 event(s)
Who's dat knocking at de Door Song 20 event(s)
Widow Wiggins Play 2 event(s)
Wigwam, The Play 9 event(s)